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Managing symptoms? Or addressing root cause of disease! The choice Is Yours

Functional medicine is a systems biology–based approach that seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease.

About Dr Mazhar Hussain

Functional Medicine has greatly reduced my years long frustration of treating chronic diseases the conventional way. I could only watch my patients get from bad to worse. Increasing the number of medicines and the dosages only led to new symptoms and complaints. Nobody was really recovering. Only signs and symptoms were being managed.


Since 2018, I’ve embarked on a wonderful journey. A journey, where the search for root causes of diseases made it possible to actually make substantial changes in people’s lives. To address the cause and not symptoms of chronic disease. Insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, infertility, weight gain, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases, fatty liver or other chronic diseases and conditions started to make sense. Looking at the totality of the human body and the stressors in the environment changed my perception of chronic disease.To see the relief and joy on the face of patients that have suffered for many years, is a wonderful experience.


Welcome to Functional Medicine with Dr Mazhar Hussain!

WHY in Functional Medicine!

With Functional Medicine we keep asking WHY? Why are you infertile, tired but wired, not losing weight despite a strict diet, why the pains and aches? We don’t have a pill for every ill. But we can ask questions that can help you recover.


We dig deep. Very deep. To understand how your gut, brain, diabetes, food, mold, fatty liver, work environment, depression, head ache and irregular periods are all connected. Why did your health decline after you gave birth? Or started a new job?


It’s time to find out!

Diabetes Reversal Program

At DMH Functional Medicine we focus on addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases and promoting overall wellness. When it comes to diabetes, dietary and lifestyle factors play a significant role in the development of the condition. Lifestyle and dietary changes along with addressing deficiencies can help you reverse diabetes. Often, our patients are able to reduce or completely discontinue prescription medicines for diabetes.

We’ll guide you to heal yourself. It’s time to talk!

Weight Loss


Leaky Gut

Stomach Acidity


Insulin Resistance


Iodine Deficiency


Adrenal Dysfunction

Fatty Liver

Autoimmune Diseases





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Patients Testimonial

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hussain’s for roughly 6 months now. I had bloating and constipation for three years after my second pregnancy. He got me started on an elimination diet at the end of which I realized my stomach doesn’t sit well to gluten and high amount of dairy products.

I am not yet at the second phase of my elimination diet where I’ve stopped gluten entirely. I will be contacting Dr. Hussain once I’ve been gluten free for 6 months. My quality of life has increased significantly as my stomach issues have been addressed and I look forward to improving my health with the help of Dr. Hussain in the future.

Charlotte A, Aarhus - Denmark

I am thrilled to share my extraordinary weight loss journey under the guidance of Dr. Mazhar Hussain and his life-changing weight loss program.The level of expertise and professionalism displayed by Dr. Hussain and his panel throughout the entire process was commendable. His panel was always accessible for questions, providing valuable guidance and encouragement.

Thanks to Dr. Hussain’s unwavering support and his team’s dedication, I am now living a more active and fulfilling life, free from the burden of excess weight.

Tahir Saleem - Manchester, UK

I can’t express enough gratitude for Dr. Mazhar Hussain and his life-changing guidance. My partner and I were on the verge of trying IUI or considering IVF, feeling discouraged by our struggle to conceive. However, with Dr. Hussain’s personalized lifestyle modification program, we made positive changes to our habits and health, and the result was nothing short of a miracle.

we are now proud parents of a beautiful child. Dr. Hussain’s expertise, compassion, and dedication made all the difference, and we will forever be thankful for his role in making our dream of parenthood a reality.

Shahzad Qamar - Karachi, Pakistan

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